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Current Topic: We completely failed at our conversion from 'Utility' energy to firewood. Ugh! We are going to have to step it up if we're going to succeed.

Last year was a complete disaster. Time for a new approach...

Aside from finally bucking up and splitting the last or our rotted mill logs (unsawable) we bought three cords of firewood. Delivered.

When the firewood and crew showed up it comprised of a young mother and a few children. Well at that point we stepped in and offered to unload. The firewood team instead asked us where we wanted to unload and warned us to just stay out of the way.

The name of the operation is Annie's Firewood. Not really important but it will explain the rest. Ok... Let me tell you... These guys worked like a machine. Firewood came flying off the back of the truck like dirt from a dog digging out a gopher. Honestly... It took them less time to unload a cord of wood then it did to maneuver the truck in and out of the driveway. I'd say less then five minutes a load (cord).

Firewood delivery Firewood stacked Firewood stacked

For each load they delivered we re-stacked it, only a few feet away, where it will be out of the weather while we use it during Winter. It took us over an hour and a half to re-stack what it took them five minutes to deliver.

It was a good thing their round trip time was longer then we needed to re-stack or we would have been overwhelmed.

By the last load we were calling the outfit machine-gun Annie's because the wood came flying off the truck like bullets. This was a really good deal.

Thanks Annie.

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